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Bureau for Engineering and Consultancy

Subject of activity

  • Design:
    • Technological machines and production facilities in the field of mechanical engineering;
    • Technological gadgets and tooling;
  • Computer simulations and engineering analyses including:
    • kinematic and dynamic analysis of machines and equipment;
    • strength analysis;
    • buckling analysis;
    • time-frequency analysis;
    • fatigue analysis;
  • Consultancy:
    • Implementation and development of Statistical Quality Control Systems:
      • Statistical estimates of process capability;
      • Implementing Statistical Process Control in industry;
      • FMEA implementation in industry;
  • Training in CAD & CAE:
    • Technical drafting with AutoCAD;
    • Product Design with Autodesk Inventor Professional;


We have excellent experience and knowledge of our experts (Leading consultants), combined with the ambition of the Junior Associates, as well as their willingness to absorb specific knowledge in the field of computer design and the application of new methods and approaches in the implementation of the projects. Our leading consultants possess an academic experience and in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of basic methods and approaches used for CAD CAM systems, and FEA.

Contact us:

Head: Assoc. Prof. Kiril Kirov, Meng, PhD
Address: 9010 VARNA, 1 Studentska str.
Phone/fax: +359 52 302 738
GSM +359 88 751 9300
e-mail: [email protected]

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