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Vibration Control and Diagnosis of Machinery and Structures


SPL "VDMS" offers solution to the following research and development and engineering tasks for the design and operation of machinery and equipment:

  • Static and dynamic linear and nonlinear structure analysis using the finite elements method:
    • determining the static stress and deformation response of structures due to the effect of external forces, kinematic displacements, thermal loads;
    • determining the natural frequencies and vibratory forms of structures;
    • determining the dynamic stress and deformation response of structures due to the effect of time-varying forces, kinematic displacements and earthquakes;
    • determining the temperature fields in structures;
    • determining the load capacity of structures using the method of linear summation of damage to materials caused by fatigue;
    • optimization of structures.
  • Experimental study of static and dynamic behavior of machinery and equipment, as well as noise radiated during operation:
    • vibration measurement of machinery, piping and equipment;
    • modal analysis of structures;
    • static and dynamic strain gauge measurement;
    • accelerated resource tests of elements of structures;
    • measurement of noise.
  • Vibration control and diagnostics:
    • periodic vibration control of machinery and equipment;
    • technical diagnostics of machinery and equipment;
    • identification of parameters of machinery and equipment;
    • development of standards for permissible levels of vibration of pipelines and facilities;
    • balancing of rotor machinery in their own supports;
    • strained mounting of shaft lines.
  • Development of technical solutions to improve vibration state of machinery and equipment and ensure their reliable operation
  • Development of technical solutions to reduce noise levels in accommodation and service premises of ships and marine facilities
  • Assessment of the current technical condition and remaining resource of machinery, pressure vessels, apparatus and piping
  • Design and development of methods and means of reducing vibrations of pipelines and structures
  • Assessment of the environmental impact in relation to vibration and noise


Manager: Associate Prof. Ph.D.(Eng.) Christo Pirovsky
Address: "Studentska str. 1" 9010 Varna BULGARIA
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