High-Technology Park Ltd.


“High - Technology Park - Technical University Varna” Ltd. is registered under the trade Act in 2001 with sole owner Technical University - Varna. “HTP - TUV” Ltd. is a research organization with activities in science research, design and introduction of new technologies, consulting, controlling and certifying of materials, equipment and products at all stages of projecting, production and exploitation, as well as any other activities not prohibited by the law.

“HTP - TUV” Ltd. is a form of organizing the applied science research and is in synchronicity with the overall development of the University. Trough “HTP - TUV” Ltd. are maintained many activities, including with international agreement.

Main trends in the activities of “HTP - TUV” Ltd. are as follows:

  • Control of vibrations and diagnostics of construction objects;
  • Technologies for casting and precise processing of tools and equipment;
  • Technological processing for heat, and heat and chemical treatment;
  • Technology and methods of welding;
  • Systems for diagnostics, control and management of energy objects;
  • Production and repairing of machines and structures for the industry;
  • Investigation and certification of objects for energy effectiveness;
  • Research in the field of ecology;
  • Shipbuilding and sea machinery.